Our Mission

To alleviate the suffering of the people of  Niger Delta and beyond to engage in projects/programmes that will lead to empowerment, sustainable livelihood and behavior change among the people;

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Our Vision

To initiate, implement, monitor and evaluate projects/programmes that will lead to positive changes in the society, towards achieving advancement in sustainable livelihood among women and youths in Niger Delta Communities and Africa as a whole where everyone will have the opportunity to experience peace.


Our Goal

Society for women and Youths affairs is committed to alleviating the suffering of the women, youths and children who are the poor and vulnerable to improve on their quality of life and contribute to global efforts of increased access to the highest attainable quality of healthcare, safe environment and education.

Society For Women And Youths Affairs

SOCIETY FOR WOMEN AND YOUTHS AFFAIRS (SWAYA); a non governmental Organization committed to alleviating the suffering of the people of Niger Delta and beyond. It was established in 2004 as Ogoni Female Development Organization in response to the outcry and neglect of the region to basic social needs which includes reproductive health issues, basic infrastructures, human capital development, health environment and persistent conflict in the region.







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Pls be passionate about your environment, lend your voice to this matter, it affects all..... Don't be deceived Rivers State remains polluted, children and adults alike come down on daily basis with severe respiratory infections, chronic skin diseases and nothing is done about.
The refinery and other installations still flares gases, Ndorama still releases poisonous substances at night, Bush refineries are still booming, their sponsors and security agents are smiling to the banks at the expense of you and me, don't stay quiet pls lend your voice.

The air quality is nothing to write home about going by the air quality index and analysis from expects more people with come with different cases of cancer. People there is an epidemic in Rivers State but unfortunately every is complacent about the situation, it is criminal to allow the populace inhale the air we inhale

All we ask is CLEAN AND SAFE as God has given freely and generously to humanity.
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